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Luck of the leprechaun this Friday? Police say don’t bet on it

On Behalf of | Mar 15, 2017 | Drunk Driving Charges |

For those who like to occasionally meet and socialize outside their homes with friends (and, candidly, who doesn’t fit that description?), is it really propitious that St. Patrick’s Day — certainly on the short list of any calendar entry vying for top-party day of the year — falls on a Friday this year?

On the one hand, many people will logically and quickly note that there is no better night of the week to kick back on and relax with like-minded others, especially when Friday links with what is for many one of the most fun drinking-related days of the year.

On the other hand, though, officials with police agencies across the state unequivocally and prominently state that they fully intend to crash the collective festivities in a manner that will instantly mar the evening for select individuals.

Put another way: State troopers and police officers in local communities all across Colorado will be out in force this Friday and over the weekend, watching diligently for drivers they suspect might be inebriated behind the wheel.

As for an indication of just how beefed-up the police presence will be, a whopping 88 agencies will reportedly be taking part in amped-up DUI enforcement efforts aimed at identifying and criminally charging motorists alleged to be driving drunk.

Any individual who is arrested or charged for driving under the influence of alcohol (or drugs) might reasonably want to contact a proven criminal defense attorney as soon as possible thereafter.

The weekend promises to be busy. Reportedly, 455 DUI-related arrests were made across Colorado last year pursuant to the St. Patrick’s Day enforcement initiative.