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You can fight drug paraphernalia charges

You might be shocked to hear you're being charged with a drug paraphernalia charge after a traffic stop. What does a spoon have to do with drugs, after all? In some cases it may mean nothing, and in others, the police may believe you're using illegal drugs. Simply possessing some prohibited items can lead to a charge, but the line is blurred.

Since marijuana is legal in Colorado, having something like a spoon or bong in the vehicle may not be significant. However, combined with scales and other household chemicals or items, the police might suspect that drugs other than marijuana are being used in your home. The paraphernalia itself needs to be considered in context.

Here are a few different examples of drug paraphernalia. First, pipes, like those made from glass or ceramics, can be used for smoking certain drugs. Roach clips and miniature spoons are also considered to be drug paraphernalia. Miniature spoons that hold less than one-tenth of a centimeter cubed could be an indication of cocaine use.

Scales and balances, equipment designed for cutting or testing the purity of a substance or even plastic bags could be considered drug paraphernalia.

Your attorney can help you build up a strong defense against these unfair charges. With marijuana legal in the state, you shouldn't have to worry about carrying the items you need for your own personal plant. Your attorney can help you make sure your reputation is protected against these unfounded charges. Our website has more information on the steps you should take if you're placed under arrest.

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