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Colorado’s drug paraphernalia law is very specific

On Behalf of | Jan 3, 2017 | Drug Possession |

Some drug charges include a charge for the paraphernalia that is associated with the drugs. In some instances, a person can face charges for the paraphernalia without having to face charges for the actual drugs. While drug paraphernalia charges aren’t usually as harsh as the laws for drug possession or drug sales, it is still a blemish on your criminal record if you are convicted of this charge.

Colorado has a very specific law that dictates what is considered drug paraphernalia in the state. Even though the law is specific, the wording leaves room for more items to be added to the list because it includes the terminology “but not limited to” when discussing what items can lead to criminal charges.

Some of the specific items that are included in the drug paraphernalia category include many that are on the federal list for this classification. They include roach clips, bongs, certain pipes and miniature spoons. The law in Colorado also classifies testing items that are used to determine the quality of drugs, scales used to weigh drugs for distribution and containers used to hold drugs for storage or distribution as drug paraphernalia.

When you are facing these charges, you have to look at everything in the case against you to determine how you will present a defense. One possibility is proving that you weren’t the person in possession of these items. Another is proving that they were going to be used in connection with drugs. These can often be difficult, but exploring the possibilities can help you decide what to do.

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