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Thanksgiving Eve: The Biggest Drinking Night Of The Year

On Behalf of | Nov 4, 2016 | Drunk Driving Charges |

People are often surprised when told that Thanksgiving Eve is statistically the biggest drinking night of the year, even beating out such bubbly holidays as New Year’s Eve and Saint Patrick’s Day.

However, it makes perfect sense when you stop to think about a few factors that increase the likelihood of drinking on this day:

  • The vast majority of people have the day off on Thanksgiving
  • People tend to return home for the holidays, providing an opportunity to catch up with family and friends over a drink
  • No one wants to stay in and entertain people the day before the massive undertaking of Thanksgiving dinner

Thanksgiving Eve even has its own drinking-themed nicknames in “Drunksgiving” and “Blackout Wednesday”.

This Is No Secret To Law Enforcement

Police officers and State Patrolman know that Thanksgiving Eve is a prime drinking night and they prepare accordingly to keep motorists and pedestrians safe in Denver and surrounding communities.

You should never get behind the wheel after having a few, but it is an especially dumb thing to do when the deck is stacked against you.

We hope you make it home for Thanksgiving and encourage you to go out and catch up with your friends. But, if one drink turns to many, make sure you have a plan to get home in a taxi or with the help of a designated driver. No one wants to wake up Thanksgiving morning on a cold slab of concrete.