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Know your options for case resolution in sex-related cases

On Behalf of | Nov 8, 2016 | Sex Crimes |

When you are accused of sex-related crimes, your future is unsure. You are facing possible time in prison, fines and other penalties if you are convicted. There aren’t any guarantees in these cases, so you should be sure that you shore up your defense to prepare for trial.

Your defense has to be based on the facts of the case as they pertain to your version of what happened. As you are probably aware, some people will distort the facts when they make claims to the police. This fact alone can play a big part in the case because sex-related charges can sometimes hinge on what the victim claims occurred against what you claim occurred.

The evidence in the case is going to have a big impact on the case. If there is DNA evidence or other evidence that is difficult to dispute, your defense is going to have to find aspects of the evidence or other points in the case to call into question. This can be a challenge, but it usually isn’t impossible.

Another thing you can consider is whether there are options to consider that will resolve your case prior to a trial. Plea agreements, for example, can help you to have a some measure of control over the outcome of the case since you can usually negotiate a sentence recommendation.

We know that you might not know what your options are or how to fight back against these very serious accusations. We can evaluate your case and help you to learn about what you can do to answer the charges against you.