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Working to minimize the effects of an underage DUI

A person who hasn't reached the legal age to consume alcohol might decide to try drinking anyway. That can open the doors for a host of legal issues. Some of these issues, such as having criminal convictions, can come back to haunt these young people later in life. That is why it is important to present a defense against criminal charges like underage DUI.

Young people are going to make mistakes. When those mistakes become criminal matters, some young people try to hide them. That doesn't work very well, so it is important to emphasize to your kids that it is imperative to fight against these charges.

We know that there are times when the young person will have to face the music and accept that there will be punishments handed down. When that is the case, we work hard to try to minimize the penalties that they will face. That doesn't mean that we can take them away, but it means that we will do what we can to soften the blow.

If you were stopped and found to have had a blood-alcohol concentration of only .02 percent and you haven't yet turned 21, you are likely facing an underage DUI. We need to look into the circumstances surrounding the traffic stop and the actions of the officers. We can look into the breath test and other testing methods used to determine if there are any inconsistencies with those. We look at every aspect of your possible defense to determine if there is a way that we can strengthen your defense with anything.

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