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Ford board member not to face domestic violence charges

On Behalf of | Jul 9, 2016 | Domestic Violence |

Sometimes, domestic violence calls may be a little overexaggerated. There are times when people get into heated arguments and do things they don’t mean to do or what they regret doing, and there are other times when people outside the situation assume something happened that didn’t.

Police have determined that Edsel Ford II, Ford Motor Co. board member, will not be facing charges after he was accused of domestic violence at his home in Detroit. The great-grandson of Henry Ford was initially arrested when police arrived, but his wife refused to press charges for any actions he may have taken. According to the news, the city attorney denied a warrant and claimed there was not enough evidence to prosecute the man for the alleged crimes. It’s not clear who called the police to their home.

The July 5 news reports that there was evidence of an altercation when police arrived at his home, but the assault was allegedly “minor,” and had grown from verbal to physical assault. The Gross Pointe Farms public safety director claims that alcohol was also involved. His wife reported that it was not a case of domestic violence, contrary to the reports, and does not want to be considered a victim.

There are cases like this one where you could be accused of a crime and find that the prosecution does not have enough evidence to pursue charges. If you’re in a situation where you’ve been arrested for domestic violence allegations, your attorney can help you defend yourself immediately, so you can protect your reputation and good name.

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