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Defending yourself against charges of domestic violence

The most important thing to understand about domestic violence allegations is that they are often far more serious than many Colorado residents imagine. In most cases, the charges against you will not just go away no matter how much you wish them to. Colorado law imposes severe penalties if convicted of domestic violence including lengthy probation periods or even time in prison.

What does all of this mean for you? It means that mounting an aggressive defense early on is your best tool to avoid conviction if you have been charged with domestic violence. Even if you know you are innocent, do not expect that the simple truth will save you. Instead, take a proactive approach right from the start. Consider the following scenario.

You and your spouse or romantic partner get into a loud argument. Perhaps things are thrown around the room, but neither of you harm the other person in any way. Your neighbors call the police and the officers misinterpret the situation, taking you into custody on charges of domestic violence. Knowing that you have not harmed your spouse may not be enough to have the charges dropped.

In some cases, these charges can make it all the way to a Colorado court. When this happens, the defendant will benefit from having already built his or her defense. Domestic violence charges can arise from many surprising situations and should always be considered serious. We urge you to read our informative web page to find out how domestic violence charges can seemingly come out of nowhere to create a lasting and negative impact on your entire life.

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