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Much at stake for repeat DUI offenders

On Behalf of | Dec 7, 2015 | Repeat DUI/DWAI Offenders |

If you have been convicted of a DUI in the past, then you are well aware of the punishment that such a crime can inflict on the individual. Your life can be thrown into chaos, as you struggle to hold a job or find a new one, let alone deal with all of the significant legal penalties (jail time, loss of license, financial penalties) that the crime carries.

But if you think one DUI is bad, think about someone who has multiple DUIs on their record. In the state of Colorado, if you get another DUI, the penalties for the crime significantly increase. A first-timer gets a three-month license suspension. A repeat offender loses their license for a year.

Furthermore, you are practically guaranteed to have ignition interlock as a part of your case if you are a repeat offender. And if that’s not enough, it is unlikely that any judge is going to be sympathetic to your situation if you are a repeat DUI offender.

All of this is to say that if you have been accused of driving under the influence, then you need to get legal help. But if there is any scenario under DUI law where legal help is even more important than that, then it is for a repeat offender.

People who have multiple DUIs on their record need a legal representative on their side to ensure that they are as protected as possible. There is no guarantee that your case will end with you walking away with minimal punishment. But with legal help, you improve your chances of minimizing the damage of such a charge.

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