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New testing van for Denver police raises questions

If you noticed a lot more police officers out on the roads last Saturday than normal, then you weren't just imagining it. The police presence was greatly increased on Saturday, not just because of Halloween but also because of Daylight Saving time. While the numbers haven't been released yet, there were probably many DUI arrests on Saturday night because of the holiday and the extra hour that bars were open.

All of this was a nice prompt for the Denver police to boast about their new toy: a mobile command center known as the "BAT van." It stands for "Blood Alcohol Testing van." This command center allows the police to test between 10 and 20 people within a few hours, and it also seems to make it easier for the police to complete paperwork and finish the DUI process.

While this may seem nice on paper, in practice there could still be problems that arise as a result of this BAT van. Since this is a mobile van, and presumably a lot of people will be tested at the same time, there is the possibility that paperwork gets mixed up or alcohol tests get tainted. Additionally, with the expedience this van seems to promise, people who are accused of drunk driving will need to way to access their lawyers.

There are certainly some complications with this new mobile command center. As such, it only serves as yet another reminder that if you are accused of a DUI that you need to get in touch with a lawyer as soon as possible.

Source: FOX 31, "Denver Police crack down on DUI's on Halloween night," Kent Erdahl, Oct. 31, 2015

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