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Avalanche hits early

On Behalf of | Oct 19, 2015 | Drunk Driving Charges |

The snow season has not started in Aspen, but an avalanche has already hit nearby Snowmass Village. As you might recall, city councilman Chris Jacobson was arrested for drunken driving this past summer. Following the arrest, Jacobson was captured on surveillance video trashing a holding cell by pulling out wires, ripping off pieces of rubberized material from walls and urinating on the floor.

Jacobson was recalled by a vote of 623 to 59 by Snowmass residents. It was the village’s first-ever recall.

Jacobson’s DUI charge has not yet been resolved, the Aspen Times reports. The 50-year-old also faces a felony criminal mischief charge.

He can also expect to be presented a bill of about $15,000 to repair damage to the jail cell.

Video of Jacobson’s time in jail was posted on YouTube. The agitated councilman can be seen banging his head against a wall at one point, slamming his fist against a door, kicking the door, throwing a mattress and drumming his hands against the wall.

A much better outcome might have been achieved for him had he taken a deep breath and then called a criminal defense attorney. The lawyer could have discussed with him his legal options, which could have included conducting negotiations for a plea bargain. In many cases, a person can plead guilty to a lesser charge and avoid having a DUI on their record.

Of course, a person can also contest the DUI charge in court whenever that is preferable.

Either of those possibilities would be better and cheaper than the bills and troubles he faces now.