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Colorado Labor Day DUIs drop from last year

On Behalf of | Sep 11, 2015 | Drunk Driving Charges |

Although the state of Colorado has likely seen a drop this year in the number of people arrested over the Labor Day drunken driving enforcement, Denver was not a major contributor to the good news.

Last year, just over 1,100 drivers were busted for DUI during the Labor Day crackdown across the state, while this year’s preliminary total is 950. In 2014, the Denver Police Department reported 162 arrests while this year’s total was only slightly lower at 154. That figure was still enough to lead the state’s cities and counties in arrests, however.

Aurora came up second in 2015 with 113 arrests, compared to last year’s 148. That drop of 35 arrests equals 23 percent of the figure for last year. Denver’s arrest numbers dropped only 5 percent in a year-to-year comparison.

Meanwhile, Colorado Springs reported 93 drunk driving arrests this Labor Day, compared to 83 last year, for an increase of 12 percent. El Paso County this year recorded 30 arrests, while last year it had 17, also bucking the statewide trend.

While the final numbers for the DUI arrests are not yet in (Fort Collins and Boulder have so far not sent in their figures), the total for the state is likely to remain below last year’s 1,102.

Regardless, it means hundreds of drivers face serious legal consequences in courts around the Centennial State. Most people eager to avoid harsh penalties will find an attorney experienced in DUI defense to represent them in negotiations with prosecutors, all court proceedings and in hearings at the Department of Motor Vehicles.