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Impaired is impaired is impaired is impaired

As Labor Day approaches, people are making their plans to celebrate, relax and enjoy the winding down of summer. For many, part of relaxing and having fun is enjoying a beer or some cannabis with friends.

As we all know, Denver police will be out this holiday weekend looking for drivers impaired by alcohol, marijuana or any other substance. A retired police officer told a local TV station that it doesn't really matter which substance a person uses if they are unable to drive properly as a result.

The retired cop told KMGH-TV that whether it's alcohol or marijuana, it doesn't really matter when it comes to impaired driving. "If you're impaired then you're impaired," he said. "And you're not going to be able to control that vehicle either way."

Some of our regular readers will undoubtedly recall that earlier this summer, a study was released showing that while marijuana does impair drivers, its effects are less extreme than those typically brought on by alcohol.

CNN reported that researchers said cannabis-affected drivers are often more cautious when high, trying to compensate for the impairment. On the other hand, drivers under in the influence of alcohol are often willing to take risks because they frequently underestimate their level of impairment.

Drivers face serious consequences in Colorado whether they're arrested for being behind the wheel impaired by marijuana or impaired by alcohol. Because punishments can be severe, the choice of Denver criminal defense attorney is crucial. Finding someone well-versed in effective defense strategies can make all the difference.

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