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Charges piling up for Colorado town councilmember

On Behalf of | Jul 13, 2015 | Blood Alcohol Tests |

For Denver residents familiar with the beauty and powder of Aspen, Snowmass Village might also ring a bell. The popular ski destination is between Woody Creek and Aspen.

A little rain has fallen recently on a village known for its snow. Town councilman Chris Jacobson was arrested for drunken driving there about two weeks ago and is now facing new charges related to the incident. Jail video footage shows the councilman banging furiously on his cell door and walls after the arrest. After being put in isolation, Jacobson allegedly damaged the cell’s lights and rubberized walls. He now faces a charge of criminal mischief in addition to his DUI.

The 50-year-old councilman has not indicated whether the allegations he faces will cause him to resign. But if convicted of the class 5 felony criminal mischief charge, Jacobson’s decision will be made for him. The town charter states that if a councilmember is convicted of a felony, they are automatically removed from the council, a news report indicates.

One of the village’s police officers pulled Jacobson over just past midnight on June 26 after seeing his vehicle swerve into the wrong lane. The councilmember failed sobriety tests, but refused to submit to blood and breath tests.

As a result of that refusal, Jacobson’s driver’s license will be suspended for a year, though he and a DUI defense attorney can fight the suspension at a DMV hearing. An experienced attorney knows that you can apply to get your license reinstated early if you agree to have an ignition interlock device installed in your vehicle.

The attorney is similarly knowledgeable about steps you can take in and out of court to minimize damage and get charges reduced or dropped entirely. Denver DUI defense attorneys are available to discuss legal options in your case.