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Where does Colorado rank among states with strict DUI laws?

Every now and then, there are rankings done of the states with the strictest DUI laws. While Colorado has long been tough on drunken driving, we have never been considered the very toughest in the nation. That trend continues with the latest ranking, courtesy of financial website WalletHub.

While we come in above the middle of the pack, we are nowhere near number one; a prize that belongs to Arizona. Remember, though, that we have a felony DUI law taking effect soon, so our future rankings might be higher than our current spot at number 17.

At the top of the rankings, reports a Denver publication, is Arizona, followed by Alaska, Connecticut, West Virginia, Kansas, Nebraska, Utah, Virginia and a three-way tie for ninth place among Delaware, Washington and Georgia.

Of course, once you know the strictest states, it's natural to want to know which places go easiest on drivers convicted of operating a vehicle while under the influence of alcohol. South Dakota is at the very bottom of the rankings, just below Washington D.C., Pennsylvania, North Dakota, Maryland, Montana, Wisconsin, Kentucky, Vermont and Ohio.

The states nearest Colorado in the rankings are number 16, Oregon, at one spot above us, and a tie between Texas and New Hampshire at 18, one spot below us (making them slightly easier on DUI offenders than us).

Of course, those facing charges in Denver or elsewhere in the state are unlikely to think of our state's ranking. They're concerned with finding an attorney who can help minimize the potential punishments they face, so that they can keep driving, avoid jail and miss being tagged with big fines.

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