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Graduation season is upon us; so are DUI patrols

On Behalf of | May 18, 2015 | Underage Drinking and Driving |

A corsage, a boutonniere and a limo. A young man in a tuxedo poses for photos with a young woman in a gown. They are ready for the last high school dance of their lives on prom night. It’s a rite of passage filled with rituals that can be embarrassing to recall just a few years later. But in the moment, the night is a very big deal.

It’s a big deal to a different, smaller group of men and women out that night, too. They’re dressed in special outfits as well: the uniform of the Denver Police Department. They will be out over the coming nights to enforce Colorado underage DUI laws and statutes prohibiting underage party-goes from possessing or consuming alcohol.

If your son or daughter is going be accepting a high school diploma this year, you are undoubtedly excited about what the future holds for them. And you’re undoubtedly hoping that prom night doesn’t hold for them an arrest for driving under the influence.

As you know, the legal drinking age in Colorado is 21. That means, in theory, no one under 21 will be consuming alcohol that night. In reality, we know that particular law is going to be broken many times in the course of the evening.

What no one wants as a result of those transgressions are arrests, a news report notes

Remember that Colorado has a special law with underage drinkers and drivers in mind: a BAC (blood alcohol content) of just 0.02 percent can mean a DUI arrest. (For those 21 and over, the legal threshold is 0.08 percent.)

You know their whole lives are ahead of them, which is why so many parents like you will enlist the aid of an attorney experienced in DUI defense to help fight the charges and preserve the possibilities the future holds.