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May 2015 Archives

Memorial Day weekend DUI totals

Three days of fun, family, friends -- and enhanced DUI patrols. That's what Memorial Day weekend meant for many driving out of Denver to enjoy the wild wonders of Colorado. Unfortunately, those enhanced patrols resulted in a number of arrests across the state, including 33 people arrested for driving under the influence of alcohol, the Denver Police Department reported.

Colorado vehicular homicide conviction can mean years in prison

A few days ago, the Denver Channel reported that a 27-year-old Colorado man was sentenced to four years in prison after his conviction earlier this year on charges of vehicular homicide and DUI. He was arrested in March of last year after a crash near Fort Collins that killed his 25-year-old fiancée.

A blemished record can be costly

His coaching record here in Denver at Metro State University is a jaw-dropping list of accomplishments. The Roadrunners have made the NCAA Division II tournament in each of his five years. They've appeared in the national title game, the Final Four, the Elite Eight and the Sweet Sixteen in that time.

Graduation season is upon us; so are DUI patrols

A corsage, a boutonniere and a limo. A young man in a tuxedo poses for photos with a young woman in a gown. They are ready for the last high school dance of their lives on prom night. It's a rite of passage filled with rituals that can be embarrassing to recall just a few years later. But in the moment, the night is a very big deal.

Colorado man claims he drove involuntarily while under influence

If you read the list of possible side effects of the sleep aid Ambien, it's a wonder anyone take it at all. The drug usually causes no problems when taken properly, but in some cases it causes side effects such as "seeing, hearing, or feeling things that are not there," diarrhea, "painful urination," "unusual sense of well-being," "feeling sad or empty" and "confusion about identity, place, and time," among others.

Colorado vehicular homicide case to go to jury trial

It's a nightmare scenario. She was driving her Chrysler Pacifica at about 80 mph on a Colorado road last December. According to the State Patrol, she was headed west when her vehicle crossed the center of the road in a curve and slammed into an eastbound Nissan head-on.

Troubling tale of a struggling woman

Now that the Colorado legislature has approved a felony DUI bill and sent it to the governor for his signature, we know that one day soon drivers will face severe sanctions if they violate the new law. About an hour north of Denver, a woman who was taken into custody recently might have faced felony charges if her arrest had come after the law was enacted.

Up against the wall

Perhaps you remember the classic rock song by Pink Floyd that begins with the line, "We don't need no education." The group railed in the anthem against being "Another Brick in the Wall." Some Denver drivers arrested for, and convicted of drunken driving might well feel the sentiment surging in them after they begin attending the mandatory Level I DUI education program.

Haunting last words

She was reportedly angry with her boyfriend. So as she and her friends went from bar to bar, the woman in her early 20s sent him some texts expressing that anger. As she drove home at nearly 5 a.m., the texts continued: "Driving drunk woo," stated one. "I'll be dead thanks to you,” said another.