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One mistake after another

On Behalf of | Mar 2, 2015 | Breath Test Refusal |

Denver’s CBS TV affiliate reports that a man visiting a famous Colorado skiing area has been accused of mistaking a silver Jeep Cherokee for a silver Ford Escape. That was the first in a string of mistakes by the man, according to Steamboat Springs police.

They say the 27-year-old got into the silver Jeep parked next to his rented silver Escape, found keys in the SUV and drove off. He then reportedly crashed the “stolen” vehicle. Police say that after they arrived at the crash scene, they determined that the man had been drinking. He’s now charged with DUI per se and careless driving — but apparently not auto theft.

Nobody was hurt in the North Routt County accident.

But clearly the man now faces some serious legal problems. According to CBS, The Steamboat Pilot & Today reported that the man who took the Jeep admitted to police that he had been drinking. The report we read did not mention that the man admitted to drinking in excess, nor did it mention any specific amount of alcohol or a timeframe in which the alcohol was consumed.

It would make sense that the defendant in the case would discuss all of those factors with an attorney experienced in DUI defense; someone who can sort out the facts and the law, and then negotiate with prosecutors. In some similar situations, the evidence and attorney will persuade the prosecutor to reduce charges or accept a plea agreement favorable to the defendant.

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