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Did your prescription result in a DUID arrest?

Today's physicians have amazing pharmaceutical aids to help patients with a variety of serious ailments that were often ignored or undertreated in the past, including depression, anxiety, sleeplessness, back pain, migraine headaches and so on. As with everything else in life, taking a prescription drug is a matter of weighing the positives and negatives.

For example, Xanax is frequently prescribed to help people counter anxiety attacks, but the sedative can also impair a person's driving. The positive aspect of Xanax is that it helps folks cope with anxiety; the negative is that it could result in a DUID arrest.

Certain valid prescriptions make it difficult to focus properly on the road or on traffic, or they impair concentration and they slow reaction times. People having those kinds of reactions to medications -- and the prescription drugs can range from Xanax to sleep aid Ambien to the stimulant Adderall -- should speak with their physician about a possible reassessment of prescriptions. And they should certainly avoid driving while impaired by these perfectly legal medications.

It's not unusual for Denver police officers to find that an erratic driver is struggling with the side effects of a prescribed medication. But the bottom-line result -- an arrest for driving under the influence -- is the same as if you had had a dozen drinks at a bar.

An attorney experienced in DUID defense knows that side effects of prescribed medications can be misinterpreted by police, resulting in legal charges against you that can mean jail time, loss of driver's license, significant fines and more if you are convicted. Please see our page devoted to driving under the influence of drugs to find out how Shazam Kianpour & Associates can help you.

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