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When a car accident happens and someone is injured or even killed, the other driver can sometimes overexplain their involvement. When a police officer suspects that you have been drinking, you could face charges of vehicular assault or even vehicular homicide.

It's wise to wait to talk until you are sitting down with your Denver DUI defense attorney who not only knows the law, but knows how to protect your rights at every step as you go through the legal process.

Anyone convicted of vehicular homicide faces the very real possibility of spending many years in a Colorado prison. A 57-year-old driver ran a red light late last year and ran into a car in Commerce City. The 24-year-old driver was killed.

A blood test run on the woman who ran the red light showed a blood alcohol content of 0.358 percent -- more than four times the legal threshold.

According to a TV station news report, the defendant recently pleaded guilty to vehicular homicide and drunken driving and is now awaiting sentencing. While no one yet knows what penalty she will receive, we do know that in similar situations, the sentence can be long and hard.

That's what makes it so important to launch a defense as soon as you have been taken into custody. Rather than speak to police, politely decline and ask instead to speak to your attorney who can help you understand your available legal options, including negotiating with prosecutors and going to trial. Have someone who knows the law and the process at your side.

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