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DUI charge against Denver police officer dropped

On Behalf of | Dec 2, 2014 | Drunk Driving Charges |

You might recall an odd news story from earlier this year about a party involving two Denver police officers and their wives. According to news reports, one couple had the other couple over to their house for drinks back in May. By the time the evening wore down, the four had allegedly engaged in a drunken brawl at the home.

The officer who left the house that night with his wife was later arrested and charged with DUI, trespassing and child abuse. The charges against the officer have now been dropped by the prosecutor, though apparently his wife is still slated for a February pre-trial hearing.

The other couple was not charged in the May 19 incident.

 “Quite a party,” the spokesperson for the Aurora Police Department said at the time. Because the allegations involved Denver cops, Aurora officers were asked to investigate. However, no DUI investigation was carried out at the scene, according to a TV station report.

The prosecutor now says there simply isn’t enough evidence to prove that the officer drove home drunk.

The same reason was cited for dropping the trespassing charge: a lack of evidence.

As for the child abuse charge, it stemmed from claims that the officer and his wife left their young children alone while they went to the party. However, a teenager wrote the court a letter, claiming that he had been in charge of the kids on the night in question.

Allegations from the night included claims that the two women punched each other, that the two officers punched each other and that one of the men drew a handgun.

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