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Could apps help prevent drunk driving?

For many people who reside in the state of Colorado, smartphones have become completely integrated into their lives. This is not surprising when one considers all that it can do. When an issue or question arises? There's an app for that. While some of the apps are unnecessary, others can actually be of use.

A new app funded by the federal government may fall into that last group. Called ENDUI, the app is designed to help people who have been drinking alcohol, determine whether they are too intoxicated to drive. Colorado is one of several other states that currently have a similar app.

Apps such as this one rely upon information entered by the user including:

  • Gender
  • Weight
  • Height
  • How much they had to drink

It also gathers information via two interactive games. The games which players likely find fun, tests the individual's cognitive agility and test reaction time.

Using that information it is able to provide information to a driver regarding whether he or she should get behind the wheel to operate the car.

The app also assists individuals with what to do should they be too drunk to drive. It can pre-load phone numbers of people who might be able to act as designated driver and is able to contact cabs via GPS.

While it is likely that this type of technology will continue to be used going forward, it is unclear how effective it will be. For those who avoid a drunk driving arrest because of it, they would likely consider it very successful.

Source: Associated Press, "Too many drinks? Can't brake fast enough? New federally funded cellphone app can tell you so," Amanda Lee Myers

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