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Denver Halloween DUI arrest numbers in

On Behalf of | Nov 5, 2014 | Drunk Driving Charges |

As promised, law enforcement agencies across Colorado took the celebrations of Halloween seriously this year. In Denver, the police department reported 50 arrests over the weekend for driving under the influence.

Only 7 of those were on Friday, Halloween night, however. Bigger arrest totals were achieved Saturday, Nov. 1 (15) and Sunday, Nov. 2 (19). Thursday, Oct. 30 (4 arrests) and Monday, Nov. 3 (5 DUIs) also contributed. Surprisingly, this year’s Halloween weekend totals were lower than last year’s: 50 versus 52, despite the fact that Halloween fell on a Friday this year.

As our regular readers know, we wrote about the possibility of soaring DUI and DWAI figures on Halloween weekend. The Colorado Department of Transportation reports that across the state, law enforcement agencies made a total of 286 DUI arrests from Thursday of last week through Monday of this week. Friday and Saturday nights unsurprisingly led the way: 92 arrests were made on each night. There were also 36 arrests on Thursday night, Oct. 30, an additional 53 arrests on Sunday, Nov. 2 and 13 more on Monday, Nov. 3.

CDOT notes that while Denver police led the way statewide among law enforcement agencies with their 50 arrests, Aurora police were not far behind with 36. The Colorado Springs Police Department reported 34 Halloween weekend arrests , while the Adams County Sheriff’s Office logged in with 18.

It should be noted that in Adams County, state troopers there made an additional 21 arrests over the weekend.

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