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November 2014 Archives

Colorado woman crashes into home, drives off before DUI arrest

According to Colorado media reports, a 56-year-old woman slammed her car into a house earlier this week. She knocked out the bedroom wall and the home’s front door. She then backed her vehicle out and over debris and drove off, law enforcement officials said.

A prior conviction can up the penalties DUI suspects can face

There are a wide range of impacts being accused of DUI could end up having on a person. For one, such accusations can affect how friends, neighbors and professional colleagues view the person. Then, of course, there are the penalties the courts and the state can level against the person if the person is ultimately found to have committed DUI. Here in Colorado, individuals found guilty of DUI can face both criminal and administrative penalties. Some examples criminal penalties for DUI are jail time, fines and public service requirements. One example of an administrative penalty for DUI is a license suspension. 

Holiday season DUI crackdown looming

Just like that, the holiday season is upon us. Turkeys are looking around anxiously, knowing that Thanksgiving is mere days away. Denver TV stations air commercials blaring about the great savings looming on Black Friday. People are already checking their Christmas gift lists to see who was naughty and who was nice.

Underage DUI: dropping but still dangerous

In our age of 24/7 news online and on TV, it sometimes seems as if the world has gone crazy. Bad news, shocking headlines and breathtaking details pile on top of one another. Good news is often buried under an avalanche of bad.

Denver woman convicted of vehicular homicide to get new trial

You might recall Sandra Jacobson, the Denver woman convicted of killing two women in a 2009 crash. Jacobson was convicted of vehicular homicide and DUI and sentenced to 36 years in prison.

Vehicular assault: what are the possible punishments?

We have written in the past about the potentially devastating punishments that await Colorado drivers convicted of a first-offense DUI. Jail time, loss of drivers license, fines, fees, alcohol classes and mandated ignition interlock device installation are among the penalties for a first drunk driving offense.

Ignition interlocks: do they help first-time and repeat offenders?

The development and use of interlock ignition devices has been going on for more than two decades. The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration says ignition interlock devices have in that time “become more accurate, reliable, available, and less costly to install and maintain.”