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Who had more DUIs last year: Adams County or Denver County?

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The state of Colorado has an informative website at NoDUIColorado.org. One of its most interesting features is an interactive map of the state which shows the number of DUI arrests in each county last year, as well as the average blood alcohol content (BAC) of the drivers in the arrests.

The map prompts a quick question from our Denver metro area readers:  Who had more DUIs last year: Adams County or Denver County?

Adams County led Denver County in arrests, 2,786 to 2,692. However, those arrested in Denver County had a very slightly higher average BAC: 0.166 percent to 0.164 percent.

Both counties were led by Arapahoe County, with its 3,143 arrests (average BAC was 0.164 percent).

All three were significantly ahead of Jefferson County and its 1,875 drunken driving arrests (0.175 average BAC). Douglas County had 831 arrests (0.164 percent BAC).

Remember, the legal threshold in Colorado is a 0.08 percent BAC, which means drivers in all the counties listed so far had, on average, slightly more than double the legal limit of alcohol in their systems, according to the tests administered.

Boulder County registered 1,518 arrests last year (0.159 percent), El Paso County had 2,594 people arrested for drunk driving (average BAC of 0.170 percent), while Weld County had 1,118 arrests (0.159 percent). Mesa County had 587 arrested in 2013 with the state’s highest average BAC: 0.176 percent.

Hinsdale County had no DUI arrests last year, though the state’s website inexplicably lists an average BAC of 0.153 percent. That gives a person pause, doesn’t it? State statistics can sometimes be baffling; everyone makes mistakes. That includes police officers who administer sobriety tests and make DUI arrests.

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