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It’s a fact: a Colorado DUI is no fun

On Behalf of | Oct 18, 2014 | Drunk Driving Charges |

Everyone loves fun. So we thought we would share “fun facts” from the Alcohol: Problems and Solutions website. Among the fun facts is this one about Colorado: the site claims that state law says wine can only be sold in containers of at least 24 hours. Spirits (gin, vodka, tequila, etc.) must be in containers of at least one fifth of a gallon. The site also claims that Colorado hotel mini-bars cannot serve any alcohol in anything larger than those mini-containers.

Fortunately, we are not the only state with odd or contradictory laws regarding alcohol. But it should be noted that Colorado law is pretty clear when it comes to DUI offenders: they are to be punished harshly and swiftly, often losing their driving privileges and subjected to large fines and fees. In some cases, their punishment also includes jail time.

More legal oddities across the nation:

  • Indiana liquor stores are forbidden from selling milk or refrigerated soft drinks. The stores are allowed to sell unrefrigerated soft drinks, however.
  • Good luck trying to make sense of this one: if an Iowa police officer is having a drink in a bar (we assume he or she is off-duty), and an employee pours water down a drain, that water is, by law, considered an alcoholic beverage intended for unlawful purposes.
  • A Kansas Attorney General once issued an opinion that it’s illegal for passengers in airplanes passing over at-that-time “dry” Kansas to consume alcohol. The state now allows alcohol sales, though a number of counties there remain “dry.”
  • Mississippi another state with a number of “dry” counties: nearly half of its counties prohibit the production, distribution, transportation or sale of alcohol.

For people in Colorado facing a DUI charge, the fun is over. It’s time to face both the criminal justice system and the DMV. But you don’t have to face them alone. Denver DUI attorneys are available to represent you in all DUI-related hearings and negotiations.

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