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If you drive this car, you’re most likely to get a ticket

On Behalf of | Oct 8, 2014 | Traffic Violations |

Subaru’s WRX, a hot-looking performance sports car, tops the list of vehicles most likely to be stopped and their drivers ticketed, according to the “Ticket Magnet” survey. While it might not shock many readers that a car with get-up-and-go leads the list, some might be surprised by the inclusion of the not-so-fast-and-not-so-furious Volkswagen Rabbit in the top ten, along with the sedate Mercury Topaz.

Car insurance price comparison website Insurance.com did the survey, looking at 526 different vehicles and data from more than 550,000 of its customers to determine which cars attracted the most tickets. The survey included offenses such as speeding, but also DUI and other violations.

“Cars don’t get tickets, drivers do,” said a company spokesperson. Of course, the people selecting the WRX might be more inclined than other drivers to test the limits of their vehicle’s capabilities.

As our Denver readers know, Colorado uses a points system to determine if a driver’s license should be suspended. According to a state website, adults ages 21 and older can have their licenses suspended if they accumulate 12 points in 12 consecutive months or 18 points in 24 consecutive months.

The offenses that garner the most points: driving under the influence of alcohol or drugs; street racing; speeding 40 or more mph over the limit; evading a law enforcement office; and leaving the scene of an auto accident. All of those offenses result in 12 points added to your driving record and license suspension.

Other serious infractions include DWAI (8 points); reckless driving (8 points); improper passing (4 points); and failure to yield (3 points).

When your driver’s license is threatened, it can mean that your job is endangered. For many, the potential punishment is simply too high to risk. They get the help of an attorney experienced in DMV hearings and the criminal court system to help them fight for their rights. 

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