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Denver DUI charge: how we can help

On Behalf of | Oct 6, 2014 | Drunk Driving Charges |

The Denver police car lights up behind you. After pulling over, answering some questions and taking a sobriety test, you find yourself under arrest.

Because the charge is driving under the influence, you know you face the possibility of real punishment that could affect not only your ability to drive, but also even your freedom. As our regular readers know, we have in recent days discussed the difficult process of getting your Colorado driver’s license back after a suspension for DUI. Our law firm helps people fight to avoid the worst DUI punishments the state has in its arsenal.

We work with clients in Denver County, but also people in Jefferson County and Arapahoe County and elsewhere who face life-changing charges of having had too much alcohol to drink before they took to the road. We assess the evidence the police claim to have, including their report of the incident. We sit down and talk with you and listen carefully so that we understand your account of the matter. We can also question the reliability of the breathalyzer used to measure the alcohol in your system and much more.

In many cases, an experienced attorney can help get DUI charges dropped, enabling a client to avoid harsh punishments. In other situations, a lawyer is able to effectively question the field sobriety tests conducted or establish that there is serious uncertainty about the reliability of the breathalyzer used.

In still other sets of circumstances, an attorney can conduct negotiations on behalf of a client, working out a favorable agreement with the court and DMV.

We work closely with clients to understand their situation so that they can make informed decisions during the process and resume their lives as quickly as possible.