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NFL’s Denver players have had legal problems, too

| Sep 24, 2014 | Drunk Driving Charges

For the past couple of weeks, Denver sports reports have been filled with stories of NFL players accused of domestic violence, child abuse and more. While our Denver Broncos have not been front and center in the latest scandals, they have certainly snagged their share of past headlines.

In fact, according to an investigative report, there have been 14 Denver Broncos arrested in just the past four years, including several taken into custody and charged with DUI.

Perhaps only the most devout Broncos fans recall the brief stay with the team enjoyed by center/guard Quentin Saulsberry. Last year, he was accused of DUI after being stopped by a police officer in Arapahoe County.

His case has not yet been resolved, according to the report.

A little more well-known is Von Miller, who was also pulled over last year in Arapahoe County. The accusations against him in that case – driving with a suspended license and speeding – have also yet to be resolved. Fans will remember that that was not his only brush with the law in 2013. He was also arrested for failure to appear in court on outstanding traffic charges that included careless driving and driving without a license.

Those charges are also unresolved.

Outstanding running back Knowshon Moreon is gone, but not forgotten. He’s remembered for not only his outstanding play, but also for being charged with DUI after he had been stopped for speeding.

The report listed the arrest as “resolution undetermined.”

Please use the link at the bottom of the blog post for more details on arrests of Broncos.

Few people pulled over have NFL careers at stake, but many have jobs threatened by a DUI, as well as loss of license and even loss of freedom. An experienced attorney will help you understand your legal options and help you pursue a favorable outcome.

Source: Coloradoan, “Broncos have had their share of players get in trouble,” Sept. 18, 2014


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