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How an ignition interlock can help restore your ability to drive

On Behalf of | Sep 8, 2014 | Blood Alcohol Tests |

In our previous post, we discussed what an ignition interlock device is and why someone might have one in their vehicle. We’re continuing that discussion with a look at how an ignition interlock can help a Colorado residents regain their ability to drive.  

For instance, after a first DUI or driving under the influence per se conviction, you might be eligible for early reinstatement of your driving privileges after a month of driver’s license revocation.  

In those cases, the person must agree to have an ignition interlock device installed at their expense in their vehicle and agree to keep it there for eight months.  

If you are convicted of a second (or more) per se offense, you can be eligible for early reinstatement after the first month of revocation. But in these cases, you must agree to have the interlock device installed in your vehicle for two years.

That’s the same amount of time a person has to have a device in their car following a refusal of a blood or breath test. There’s an important distinction in refusal cases, however: they must first go through two months of having their driver’s license revoked before they’re eligible for reinstatement.

Others who might be eligible for reinstatement include those who have been designated a habitual traffic offender (and the person has at least one alcohol-related driving offense). Drivers who meet the criteria must first be approved for reinstatement by the Department of Revenue’s Division of Motor Vehicles, serve a month of license revocation and then agree to the interlock for the rest of the license restraint period.

A defense attorney experienced in DUI matters can help you understand your options and obligations.


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