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Former Denver police officer gets 10 days in jail for DUI

The words haunt him many months after they were uttered: "Bro, I'm a cop." That's what a former Denver police officer said in November of 2013 as he was being arrested in Jefferson County for driving under the influence of alcohol.

A Jefferson County District Court judge recently sentenced the former cop to 10 days in jail for the DUI and for trying to wriggle out of it with his plea to the arresting officer. 

The former officer's defense attorney told the court that his client is an alcoholic. The man later said in a TV interview that he drank "to cope" with life as a cop: "to get rid of the smell of burning flesh; to get rid of the blood off my shoes; to forget."

The former officer told the judge presiding over the case that he's "just like any wounded soldier that's on the battlefield."

The judge responded that she was shocked to hear of the officer's attempt to get out of his arrest. She said the position he put the arresting officer in was "unforgivable."

According to court records, the former cop had been out drinking with co-workers. He reportedly had nine beers before he got in his Jeep and drove off. He was later found asleep behind the wheel of the vehicle, parked in a neighborhood.

His blood alcohol level was measured at 0.241 percent. Colorado's legal threshold for DUI is 0.08 percent.

The former officer was also sentenced to spend two years on probation.

Source:, "'Bro, I'm a cop': Former officer gets jail time for DUI," Anastasiya Bolton, August 8, 2014

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