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Endless summer of Colorado DUI enforcement

On Behalf of | Jun 4, 2014 | Field Sobriety Tests |

Summer time in Colorado offers an incredibly wide variety of outdoor activities that attract visitors from around the world and make us glad to be residents. It’s also a time when the State Patrol, Denver Police Department and other law enforcement agencies conduct season-long DUI enforcement.

That means people should take extra care when attending events such as family get-togethers and parties where alcohol will be served. 

The state’s NoDUIColorado.org website offers advice on how to avoid an arrest for driving under the influence. 

The site includes a BAC (blood alcohol content) calculator. While it shouldn’t be considered as an infallible way of determining whether or not a driver exceeds the legal threshold of 0.08 percent alcohol, it does give an idea of where a driver falls on the BAC spectrum, depending on body weight, gender, amount of alcohol consumed and how quickly the alcohol was consumed.

For instance, the state’s BAC calculator indicates that a 180-pound male who has four 12-ounce beers or their equivalent in two hours will register a BAC of 0.0618 percent. However, if a 130-pound woman has that same amount of alcohol in the same period of time, she would have a BAC of 0.1167, well above the DUI threshold.

According to The Cherry Creek News, the next big weekend for DUI enforcement across the state is less than a month away, on the fourth of July. While it’s a favorite American holiday, it’s also a time when police agencies send out extra patrols and conduct sobriety checkpoints.

Those facing DUI charges should speak with a defense attorney to learn of their legal options before agreeing to a deal with a prosecutor. 

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