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Bias at the Colorado DMV?

On Behalf of | May 2, 2014 | Drunk Driving Charges |

A Denver TV station recently exposed a list of “joke” computer passwords that are apparently shared among employees at Colorado’s Division of Motor Vehicles. Now that this private list has been made public, some DMV employees are squirming. Why? Because the list is filled with passwords making fun of the people who go to the DMV to get their driver’s licenses reinstated after a DUI conviction or other violations.

Examples of the “funny” passwords include URSkrood, UWalkNow and CryMrRvr. 

While some might think the list of fake passwords is merely an inside joke among DMV employees, others wonder if it doesn’t indicate bias against drivers asking to have their licenses reinstated so that they can, among other things, keep their jobs.

Those who face job loss because they can’t get a license to drive to and from work might not see the humor in this password on the list, for instance: GtANuJob (get a new job). Or this one: PDL?NOT! (probationary driver’s license? Not!). Or even SqlLkAPg (squeal like a pig).

According to the TV station report, the list has been circulating the DMV for years, with new “joke” passwords being added monthly.

The Assistant Chief Hearing Officer admitted that he had “probably” seen the list and acknowledged that some might wonder if isn’t evidence of bias against drivers requesting reinstatement of licenses. “I can see where someone might interpret it that way,” he said.

The Chief Hearing Officer emphatically denied that there’s departmental bias against those drivers. But an internal investigation has been launched regardless.

The list makes it clear to many that the playing field is not as level at the DMV as it should be. It’s something for those facing a DMV hearing without the assistance of an experienced attorney to consider. 

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