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Woody Allen sex abuse allegations back in spotlight

| Feb 3, 2014 | Sex Crimes

Recently, famed actor and director Woody Allen made headlines again after his adopted daughter publicly accused him of sexually assaulting her more than two decades ago. While these allegations have been around for years, this was the first time that the alleged victim has stood behind the claims.

The claims originated during a 1993 custody battle involving Allen and his longtime girlfriend, actress Mia Farrow. The two were fighting over custody of their adopted daughter, Dylan Farrow, when Mia alleged that Dylan had told her the summer before that Allen had molested her.

However, two criminal investigations — one in New York and the other in Connecticut — were dropped and did not lead to criminal charges. Perhaps the biggest reason for this was that Dylan refused to talk about the alleged abuse with doctors. In fact, a doctor who was in charge of the Connecticut investigation concluded that Dylan’s story had a “rehearsed quality.”

But even though the two investigations were eventually dropped, it doesn’t mean that Allen can’t face state or federal criminal charges in the future. Dylan’s account of the alleged abuse, which was recently published in The New York Times, could be enough for police to re-open the case.

That’s because, according to the Rape Abuse & Incest National Network, first degree sexual assault is considered a “Class A” felony in both New York and Connecticut, which means there is no statute of limitations. The federal government could also charge Allen based on several federal laws.

Allen has vigorously denied the allegations for years. However, officials take claims of sexual assault extremely seriously, especially when they involve children, so Allen will need a highly professional legal team to make sure that his side of the story is also heard.

Source: theimproper.com, “Woody Allen Can Still Be Charged for Dylan Farrow Sexual Assault,” Feb. 1, 2014


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