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Colorado Universities Drug and Alcohol Arrests

Colorado Universities are scoring big. They are in the top 10 in the nation for both drug and alcohol arrests in the last year. The big winner is the University of Colorado at Boulder who managed a silver medal coming in second only to SUNY Oneonta University in the state of New York when it came to drug arrests in the entire United States.

Not to be outdone, the Universities of Northern Colorado, Colorado Mesa University, and CSU Pueblo, managed respectable showings, garnering drug arrests in the top 50 across the nation. If you are charged with possession or distribution of drugs in Colorado, and yes Colorado, we are talking to you...make sure you don't turn one mistake into two: Show up to court with an experienced and qualified drug crimes lawyer from Shazam Kianpour & Associates. Not only do we understand the new Colorado drug laws, we get why they are relevant to your life and how we can change the way the district attorney perceives you and your case.

Colorado scored pretty big on alcohol arrests as well this past year. Overall 3 Colorado schools placed in the top 50 across the nation in alcohol related crimes and once again CU Boulder topped the charts at number 9. Alcohol related arrests in Colorado are becoming more common. With access to booze easier than ever before due to population increases, with marijuana sales on the rise due to recreational use, and with the Greek fraternity system in full swing, we can expect to see Colorado's rankings in these less than prideful statistics to only increase. If you or your loved ones is charged with a Colorado Alcohol related crime, call an experienced criminal defense attorney at Shazam Kianpour & Associates today, and start with a free consultation that explains your rights and what we can do to help make your life get a lot better quickly.

And Colorado, please, try to stop getting in the headlines for crimes and alcohol and drugs. How about placing well nationally on college entrance exams next year? That would be a novel idea!

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