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You mean nobody HAS EVER ACCUSED YOU and been wrong before?

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As a Colorado criminal defense attorneys we are often called upon to defend people who are accused of some of the most terrible crimes. Inevitably people will ask us, ‘How can you defend someone accused of such a crime?!’


It is a word whose meaning is overlooked everyday.

In our justice system we are afforded the right by our founding fathers to be proven guilty beyond a reasonable doubt. This is the highest burden of proof that exist within our country.

Accused. I stress the word again.

In our society of social media, internet, blogs, and anonymous reporting it is so easy for anyone to make an accusation.


As soon as that accusation happens an avalanche of government resources follows the accusation. Detectives call, searches happen, property is seized, and arrests are made. These accusations, true or untrue, destroy lives and reputations.

As Colorado criminal defense attorneys we are tasked with defending the most difficult of cases. We do this because we have seen how easy it is to falsely accuse another. We see it everyday.

If you find yourself ACCUSED of that DUI, Assault, Domestic Violence, Harassment, or Sex Assault look to me for help.

I proudly defend the ACCUSED.