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Man pleads guilty to Colorado vehicular homicide, assault

According to a recent report, a man pleaded guilty this week to serious charges involving the death of a 65-year-old man. The man pleaded guilty to driving under the influence, vehicular homicide and vehicular assault. Now, the man is facing serious prison time.

When someone enters a plea to a crime, they often don't have a trial and are simply sentenced for the crime that they've been accused of. Sometimes people misunderstand what a plea is and don't understand the consequences of entering a guilty plea.

According to reports, prosecutors said the man had a blood alcohol content of 0.304. When someone is accused of a severe crime involving another person's death, they might face serious penalties. It is up to the prosectution to show a judge or jury that a person is guilty. A guilty plea can mean a person doesn't have an opportunity to prove they are innocent.

Now, the man will face up to 18 years in prison, and will be sentenced in March. People who are thinking about entering a guilty plea might want to consult with an experience defense attorney in Colorado. They can help the person understand the plea and any plea deal with prosecutors that might lead a person to enter such a plea.

Sometimes plea deals aren't guaranteed and sentencing is left up to a judge to determine. This can result in significant damage to a person's reputation and professional problems. An attorney can make sure the accused person's rights are protected and the process is fair.

Source: CBS Denver, "Arvada Man Pleads Guilty To DUI In Fatal Crash," Jan. 14, 2014

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