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Man accused of being stoned, causing crash with Colorado troopers

On Behalf of | Jan 15, 2014 | DUID |

Legalized marijuana in Colorado has only been in place for half of a month, but police are already accusing a man of causing a crash with Colorado State Patrol troopers while he was under the influence of drugs. They say he was most likely high from marijuana, although no test results were listed in a news report.

The report said the crash occurred on a highway ramp from Interstate 25 to I-76 on Saturday. The police reportedly had their emergency lights on and were blocking a lane on the ramp. Two police vehicles were involved but no officers were hurt. The report said the man was charged with driving under the influence of drugs.

When someone is charged with a traffic violation, whether it is driving under the influence of drugs or drunk driving, they should take these charges very serious. Police might be very nervous about the recent implementation of marijuana sales in Colorado and accuse people of crimes related to marijuana.

This can have a significant impact on a person’s reputation. Not only were police vehicles hit in this situation, but the man was accused of being under the influence of marijuana, which is still a very controversial substance for many people in Colorado.

If an employer discovered a criminal record involving consumption of a drug or driving under the influence, they might be less willing to hire that person. The person might also face license suspension penalties if they are convicted and be unable to get to their job, causing significant economic and professional hardship.

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