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Labeled sexual predators may face future accusations

On Behalf of | Jan 2, 2014 | Sexual Assault |

A man was arrested after a pepper spray incident last week in Denver. Police say a man, who may have a history of sexually violent crimes, used pepper spray on a woman and tried to steal her car. They say the man approached the woman, demanded her keys, sprayed her and then fled on foot when the woman fought with him.

The man called police a few minutes later saying that he was hurt. Reports say that the police were able to trace a blood trail from where the man was found back to the scene of the incident. When someone is labeled as a sexually violent predator, they might find themselves accused of other crimes in the future.

Because people often associated sexual crimes with the most violent offenses, they assume that many people who are accused of these crimes are more likely to commit other crimes in the future. However, the specific crime that this man might have been accused of in the past isn’t known and might have nothing to do with this incident.

It is important that situations such as this one are thoroughly investigated by authorities. In some cases they might discover that they arrested the wrong person. A person who is accused of a crime might want to speak with an attorney who can help them conduct and independent investigation into how the incident unfolded. They might find that the police or investigators made mistakes in their investigation that led to the arrest of the accused person.

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