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Broncos’ Hillman faces traffic ticket for driving without license

On Behalf of | Jan 10, 2014 | Driving While License Suspended |

These days, fans of the Denver Broncos are probably most focused on the team’s ongoing playoff bout. Although the Broncos have had a successful season on the field, one player temporarily ran into difficulty off the field. Ronnie Hillman, a backup running back, was cited by a police officer for a misdemeanor traffic violation.

In late November 2013, Hillman was charged for driving while under restraint and having expired license-plate tabs. Upon appearing in court with an attorney to answer to the charges, Hillman successfully cleared his name.

According to a report from the courthouse, it was not a major legal entanglement; rather, Hillman simply had to resolve an issue with his license. Ultimately, the case was dismissed and Hillman will be allowed to move forward and operate his vehicle without issues.

Under Colorado law, driving under restraint means that person got behind the wheel of a vehicle while they were legally forbidden from doing so. Driving without a valid license can have consequences, but Hillman was able to resolve the issue.

When dealing with traffic citations, some people may be content to pay fines and move on. However, people may not be aware of the full range on consequences associated with traffic violations. In addition to any fines levied by authorities, drivers may see an increase in insurance premiums (depending on the charge). Not only that, but these charges can add points on a license, which can eventually sum up to suspension or revocation.

In this case, Hillman made the choice to clear up the traffic issue and it worked in his favor. With this legal issue behind him, he can turn his attention to the playoffs.

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