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Tips lead to arrest in vehicular assault case in Colorado

| Dec 18, 2013 | Vehicular Assault or Homicide

A reported hit-and-run resulted in injuries to a deputy in late November. After an investigation and multiple tips, the Douglas County Sheriff’s department said they have arrested a man and he could face charges related to the incident.

Although the deputy only suffered minor injuries, a report said the man could still face first-degree murder, assault and vehicular eluding charges. The report said that deputies were investigating a party in which people were underage drinking. The deputy was struck by a car that didn’t have its headlights on while investigating the party.

People who are arrested for injuring another person should understand their rights in Colorado. Cases in which a law enforcement officer is injured can sometimes result in more serious charges or even unfair treatment by officials after an arrest. If someone is arrested, they might want to speak to an attorney before answering questions by authorities.

Sometimes authorities will frame questions in a way that results in a person admitting guilt. This can later result in conflicting statements that can hurt a person’s credibility. An attorney can advocate for the person’s rights and work to form a rigorous defense in Colorado court.

When someone faces multiple charges that are very serious, such as in this case, they could face longer penalties if they are convicted. Sometimes sentences can be made so a person would have to serve them one after the other. A person could spend decades in prison or even the rest of their life, making it very important to form a defense.

Source: NBC 9 News, “Teen accused of hitting deputy investigating underage party,” Liz Lambert, Dec. 17, 2013


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