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Tebow Stiff-Arms the DUI in Araphoe, Runs in for 6 points!

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As an Arapahoe County DUI attorney I am irate. Tim Tebow's brother, Peter Tebow, was arrested and charged with Reckless Driving and Driving Under the Influence of Drugs and Alcohol - Refusal. His case was eventually resolved with a simple speeding ticket.

You heard me right. That is correct. A. Speeding. Ticket.

Any Colorado traffic attorney who has handled DUI cases for more than ten minutes in Arapahoe County will tell you that the Arapahoe County District Attorney's Office treats refusal cases with the utmost ferocity. DA's and cops hate when you refuse a chemical test so they choose to fight these cases harder. So much so that they routinely refuse to plea bargain much, if at all, and set these cases for trial. And at trial they will argue to the jury that your refusal is knowledge of your own guilt. In essence, "Ladies and gentlemen of the jury. Mr. Tebow had the chance to take a test and prove his innocence that night. What is he hiding?!" The DA is allowed to use his refusal as evidence!

So what is going on here? Preferential treatment for Mr. Tebow. You are observed driving twice the speed limit, weaving, admitting to taking prescription drugs and stinking of alcohol. But don't you worry Mr. Tebow. There is a kinder justice system reserved for royalty like you so step to the front of the line.

Baloney. As Arapahoe County DUI Defense lawyers, we understand, that this county is well known for being one of the toughest jurisdictions and this case is far outside the norm. Peter Tebow, Congratulations. You hit the jackpot by way of your last name. I assure you had you been the average Joe, on your way back home from a hard days work and a beer at the bar, you would be facing a DA who would be foaming at the mouth for a DUI or DWAI conviction.

Instead you are enjoying a simple 6 point speeding ticket while I am foaming at the mouth to litigate the snot out of all my Arapahoe County DUIs.

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