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No Christmas Miracle for Earl this year as he is arrested on Alcohol Charges a record Number of Times

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The thought of being arrested by the police is enough to make anyone get a little anxious, and as Colorado criminal defense lawyers, we hear this all the time.

But things could always be worse if your name is Henry Earl of Lexington, Kentucky. A man who has become a pseudo celebrity amongst Lexington's citizens for holding the record for being arrested the most times. So just how many times has Mr. Earl been arrested? 50? 100? Try more than 1,600 times he has been placed in handcuffs by police, and never in a good way. His most recent trip to jail occurred over Thanksgiving, where he was arrested for a probation violation for public intoxication. All tolled, the 64 year old Earl has spent approximately 6,000 days of his life locked up, over sixteen years of his life. The majority of his days being locked away occurred in two to three day chunks, as in all of his 1,600 arrests, Mr. Earl has never committed any serious criminal offense. Nearly all of his arrests have been related to alcohol use, either public intoxication or criminal trespass. Mr. Earl goes to court for these offenses, and pleads guilty in five minutes. Recently, Judges have been trying to be harsher to try and assist Mr. Earl in getting sober by increasing his sentences. It hasn't worked. Citizens of Lexington are hoping this year for somewhat of a "Christmas miracle" and that Mr. Earl is able to get sober and hopefully end this endless chain of arrests. As Denver criminal lawyers, we think this is somewhat humorous but also very sad.

Whether it is your first time being arrested, or your 1,600th time, you can learn something from Mr. Earl. First, don't do what he does. Seems obvious. Second, if you find yourself being contacted by law enforcement either during an arrest or even well before an arrest, contact one of the expert attorneys at Shazam Kianpour & Associates immediately. Our Denver criminal defense attorneys have represented more people than times Mr. Earl has been arrested and we will use our experience to help you in your case. Going in and pleading guilty in five minutes has an immediate and longstanding impact on the rest of your life and is something that nobody should do. Let us go in and fight for your rights. Don't sit back and hope for a "Christmas miracle" like the citizens of Lexington. Call Shazam Kianpour & Associates today at 303-825-1075.

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