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How to Trouble Shoot a Colorado Domestic Violence Case

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The stockings are hung by the chimney with care. Chestnuts are roasting on an open fire. Presents neatly laid out under the tree. And you may miss all of those if you are involved in a domestic violence incident and have to be hauled off to jail in the middle of Christmas Eve dinner. Don't let that happen. Call Shazam Kianpour & Associates immediately at 303-825-1075 if you are involved in any incident that may involve domestic violence.

In Colorado, "domestic violence" is often misunderstood as a crime in and of itself. In reality, there is no "domestic violence" charge in Colorado. Instead, if you face an allegation of any crime involving someone with whom you've had an intimate relationship, either past or present, you may be looking at a domestic violence sentencing enhancer. Added to that fact your charge will be labeled "Domestic Violence" on your permanent record, and that is not something to call home to Mom and Dad about this holiday season. A crime enhanced by domestic violence carries with it some additional lovely parting gifts including a mandatory one night minimum stay in jail, as well as likely domestic violence evaluation and treatment, which may include costly domestic violence classes for dozens of weeks. Most people think, "I could never be charged with domestic violence...that is for drunk people who beat their wives." Not true. Anyone could be the subject of domestic violence allegation with a simple phone call to the police. If police arrive at your doorstep, somebody is going to jail, whether it be you or your significant other who called the police and is sitting there crying on the front door step. Hint, it's you. And the mandatory arrest and night in jail makes things very public which is why even the "Troubleshooter" Tom Martino couldn't troubleshoot his way from getting arrested recently on allegations of assault and disturbing the peace in Denver. Suddenly his mug shot is on Channel 9 news for the world to see. It really can happen to anyone, all it takes is an allegation. If you are arrested for or under suspicion of committing any offense involving domestic violence, you need to contact an attorney immediately to protect your rights. Many cases begin with a simple "misunderstanding" of one party calling the police to "scare" the other party. Those cases go downhill quickly once individuals begin talking to the police. Domestic violence crimes can have a permanent impact on your life. Avoid having a future employer see on your background check "Guilty Disturbing the Peace - Domestic Violence". Call one of the expert attorneys at Shazam Kianpour & Associates who have handled hundreds of domestic violence cases. Call today at 303-825-1075 to set up a free consultation.

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