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False Sex Assault Accusations in Colorado - What to do when you are innocent?

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As a Colorado Sex Assault Defense Lawyer, the most common words I hear are the 6 words: "But I didn't do this Shazam". And I believe you. The problem is that law enforcement does not. And the question is "why not?"

The first thing to understand as a possible suspect in a sex crimes investigation in Denver, Arapahoe, Adams County, Douglas County, Jefferson County, Broomfield, Weld, or any other jurisdiction in Colorado is the fact that law enforcement are not out to prove you innocent. They have spent countless hours training, going to seminars, and being programmed over and over again to find ways to get you to admit you are guilty. They look for clues from signs of nervousness, to inconsistent stories, to stories that don't add up. Understand this, they are programmed to assume that everyone they talk to is guilty. And if you understand that first point, then understand this second point too: They are not really bringing you into their office so you can "tell your side of the story". They are bringing you in to find a way to charge you with a sex crime. They trap you into some convoluted conversation that will last hours where you start getting dizzy, start wondering what the question is, and start wondering if this cop really meant it when he said he is trying to help you out. But by then, it is too late. Anything you say, anything you do, anyway you act will be seen as a sign of guilt.

Have you ever had a conversation with someone so stubborn, so unreasonable, so one-track minded that no matter what you say, they don't see your point? They keep hammering away at you until you realize that you can't win. And then you say to yourself "I can't reason with this person"? Well, just add a badge and a gun to that person, and the authority to ruin your life, and now you know who you are dealing with when you go in to make a statement to Colorado Sex Crimes Detectives in general. That is not to say ALL cops are unreasonable, but as a Denver Sex Crimes Defense Lawyer and a criminal defense attorney who has defended countless Sex Assaults, Sex Assault on a Child, Internet Sex Crimes, and all crimes in between, my first advice to you is: STOP. Think. Nobody could walk into a police station, or have a phone conversation with a detective and feel comfortable. Why do you think it will be different with you. It won't be different. You will walk away 100% innocent, and still significantly more likely to get charged -if you walk away at all.

So what can you do? Call a sex defense lawyer in Colorado. We hope it is us. But we would rather it were anybody, rather than nobody. We are Colorado criminal defense lawyers and we offer you a free consultation. Come in, sit down, and discuss the initial call you had with the police. We will advise you or your rights, make sure you understand that you do not have to speak with them, and we will candidly tell you if we believe it is time to hire a sex assault lawyer whether you are innocent or guilty. The consultation is free, and we promise you won't walk away empty handed. If ever the expression "better safe than sorry" has applied to an issue in your life, this is it. Make sure you have no regrets. Call us today and we will be happy to answer your questions at 303-825-1075. Because when you need us, we are there for you.

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