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Eight people arrested for prostitution in Denver

When someone is arrested for a sex related crime, they can face serious penalties for a conviction, including having their reputation tarnished. Sometimes people are simply in the wrong place and are arrested and accused of sex crimes. These crimes might range from sexual assault to prostitution.

According to a report, eight people were arrested earlier this month for allegations of prostitution. The people were arrested in the same place and face charges of solicitation of prostitution, performing or agreeing to prostitution, and escort without a license. When someone is accused of these crimes in Denver, it might make it difficult for them to find employment.

This can result in a cycle in which a person feels they have to continue unlawful activity in order to survive. A criminal defense attorney might be able to help a person form a rigorous defense in Colorado and ensure that their rights are protected.

In cases like this, a large amount of evidence might already be collected by police. They might present that evidence and ask the person to confirm knowing certain details. This could be seen as confirming that a person knew of the details and is therefore admitting to the crime.

Police often use interrogation techniques that can catch a person off guard and take their words out of context. An attorney can help a person answer questions and form a rigorous defense. By representing a person in court, an attorney can ensure their rights are protected throughout the legal process.

Source: The Denver Post, "Denver police arrest eight people in weekend prostitution sting," Dec. 10, 2013

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