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DC Policeman Investigated by Feds for Running Prostitution Ring

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What is this country coming to? I feel like I am reading the new script for Taken 3, where Liam Neeson jumps out from behind a curtain in a shady hotel room to take out the would be prostitution-ringleader and takes the bad guy down in 17 to 20 Jason Bourne like martial arts maneuvers. Instead, I am just reading the Washington Post where we see that the prostitution ring movies which characterize foreign countries that indulge in human trafficking may be no further away than our nation's capital. As a Denver sex crimes defense attorney that spends a large part of his time defending Sex Assault on a Child cases in Colorado, I am at a loss for words.

HOW can a 24-year veteran of the Washington D.C. police force possibly be running a prostitution ring out of a seedy apartment? How can he be found in an apartment that he is renting hanging out with a missing 16-year-old girl with the smell of marijuana wafting in the air when the police knocked? How can nobody have noticed? Do you have any idea what he would get for this allegation of a Sex Crime in Colorado? Oh, about a million dollar cash only bail and GPS monitoring if he bonded out. Instead, he is out on the streets in D.C. Without a badge and gun, okay, but still out on the streets. Buddy, if you were charged with a Pimping and Pandering in Colorado CRS 18-7-203, in the counties of Jefferson, Douglas, Arapahoe, Denver, you would NEVER get out of their jail. It will be interesting how this plays out, as the D.C. police force is over 4000 strong, and my understanding is that they are not very thrilled with what the Feds came up with so far. The girl, is 16 and had photos of her in the nude which she claims the ex-cop took of her. She was to be sold for sex for $80, $20 of which the cop would keep. $20 profit margin? Somebody failed their high school economics class, because $20 profit for a life sentence in Federal penitentiary is really really (really) bad ROI.

Criminal defense attorneys in Colorado can tip their cap to the capital of our nation. Where the only thing more corrupt that the sitting politicians, is apparently (and allegedly) the police force. Of course, in my line of work, we don't necessarily go to happy hour with the local police force, but I can safely say that even though in the decade long endeavor I call Sex Crimes Defense in Denver I have come across a couple or two police officers that have made me raise an eyebrow, nothing, and I mean NOTHING compares to this story. It remains to see what charges shake out exactly, but I find it interesting that the authorities have not yet released the suspect policeman's name. Again, if this were a Colorado criminal case, you could Google the guy's name in China and get a hit on page 1. Eat your heart out Liam Neeson, maybe your next movie should be "Taken 3, Pennsylvania Ave".

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