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Arapahoe County Shootings in Colorado - Will it EVER stop?

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My name is Shazam Kianpour and I a Criminal Defense Attorney in Denver, Colorado. While I work in Denver at my law firm, I live in Arapahoe County, where there was a shooting at Arapahoe High School and 2 students were wounded...the shooter killed himself. The unspeakable horror that effects this community from these random acts of senseless acts of violence doesn't compare to the personal horror I felt as I have 2 daughters that attend Littleton Public schools which are square in the middle of Arapahoe county, and less than a couple of miles away from the scene of this atrocity.

The first thing that went through my head was... "Oh my gosh, those poor parents" followed a nanosecond later by "Oh my Lord, my daughters!" While my kids came home safely, other parents will live a tortured life wondering "why?" As a Colorado gun crimes defense attorney, I think of the legalities of gun crimes in Arapahoe, Denver, Jefferson County, and all the local counties that have recently been the target of national media and spotlights as Colorado seems to become more and more of a hotbed for violence and shootings.

What is the answer? Armed guards at schools? Metal detectors like the ones we see at the airports? Teachers carrying firearms? None of these seem to be practical. Introducing guns to school through teachers only increases violence since the next shooter just may be a teacher. Arms guards make it seem like we live in a military state while metal detectors and the like seem impractical. The solution seems to be based on education, treatment, and prevention from an inception level, not a reactionary level. As I write this, the television is blaring how Claire Davis, a beautiful and energetic student who did nothing to harm anybody lies in a hospital bed, post-surgery, in a coma, fighting for her life. A life she should have every right to live.

Gun crimes in Colorado are on the rise, and as a Colorado criminal defense lawyer I sit here torn between citizens' right to bear arms, and citizens' right to live their lives without violence. As our cities, communities, and country become more crowded and we have less and less outlets and proper counseling for people to vent their frustrations, I suspect this will get much worse before it gets any better. My thoughts and prayers are with the families of all those affected.

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