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We as Colorado Criminal Defense attorneys believe we adhere to a higher calling. A calling that inspires us to vehemently defend our clients in the face of the overwhelming weight that is their own government. This monstrous task is not free from the slings and arrows of criminal litigation but it is very rewarding when we earn that hard fought for victory. A smile from a jury, a well negotiated plea, a "not guilty", and the heartfelt thanks of our clients keep us motivated.

We as Colorado Criminal Defense attorneys also have our own legal heroes to inspire us. Judy Clarke, the defender who literally has a knack for saving her client's lives. She is the standard bearer for all of us who face the overwhelming odds in defending our clients. She is called in when a human being is being threatened with execution because of crimes they allegedly committed. She is able to break down a case and examine the defendant with surgical precision in order to save that individual from being murdered by the state.

Judy Clarke can teach us all some very valuable lessons. We as defense attorneys understand that we are fighting for human beings. We are fighting for our clients and their actions should not define who they are as human beings. The ABA Journal stated it well, "no matter how horrible the crimes they are accused of committing [the accused] are real people and not monsters. The world sees the criminal act, and [Judy] Clarke tries to understand what caused them to do it." In order to understand our clients we need to do something that other attorneys may not do so well. We must listen to our clients.

We challenge ourselves as Denver criminal lawyers to always listen to our clients. We must understand our clients as people with very real needs, backgrounds, hopes, and fears. We must put their needs above our own egos and above our own pride as we fight for them. This calling that we serve as Colorado Criminal Defense attorneys requires a certain amount of humility with our clients and unfettered ferocity in the courtroom. Even though most people will never face the tragedy of a possible death sentence we must still apply Judy Clarke's lessons in our defense of DUIs, Child Abuse, Theft, or Sex Assaults. That is because at the end of the day these accusations are the most critical moments of our clients' lives. We as criminal defense lawyers must fight for the lives of all our clients.

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