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Aron Ralston is in the news again, but this time, he is not likely to get any best selling books, or Hollywood movie offers out of the deal. The Utah explorer and hiker became famous world-wide for being trapped in a Utah canyon, and deciding to ultimately amputate his arm in order to get out from under some rocks in a canyon that had trapped him.

This time, the only thing that could get him out will be the bail that a Denver judge sets on his case as according to Court records, Mr. Ralston was booked into Denver County Jail on suspicion of Domestic Violence charges on Sunday December 8, 2013.

As a Denver Domestic Violence lawyer and practicing Criminal Defense attorney in Colorado, I can attest to the fact that these cases are not easy for either side. First and foremost you should know that under Colorado Domestic Violence Law, C.R.S. 18-6-801.6 a person suspected of a crime against a current or former Domestic Partner, MUST be arrested by law enforcement and detained overnight without bail. The following morning, without undue delay, the person is then taken before a judicial officer who then sets the bail amount based on varying criteria such as the severity of the allegations, the likelihood of conviction based on the probable cause statement, risk of flight, priors, etc.

Any self respecting Denver domestic violence criminal defense attorney knows that arguing bond is pointless since the Colorado Victim Bill of Rights prohibits bond to be modified without either proper notice and opportunity for the alleged victim to be present to add his/her two cents, or the prosecution making a good faith assertion that VRA (Colorado Victim Rights Act) has been complied with and the DA can speak on behalf of the alleged victim. Sorry to hear this has happened and we hope that the accusations are baseless and without merit. Judging by the fact that Mr. Ralston's book became a best seller and he had royalties coming from a Hollywood movie, could this be a money grab by the alleged victim? Time will tell. Mr. Ralston, if you read this and are so inclined, at Shazam Kianpour & Associates we are Denver criminal defense attorneys located 5 blocks from the Denver courthouse, and we offer free consultations. Would be a pleasure to meet you and help you any way we can. In case you are wondering, Ms. Saskia Jordan, who is representing the Avalanche goalie Varlamov on Domestic Violence charges offices a block away from us. Either way, we wish this American hero good luck and good fortune, and a good criminal defense attorney as well!

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